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  • Backyard Cricket

    Imagine children playing in the backyard on a hot summer's day. With a dustbin wicket and Bluey, the cattle dog, who nicks the ball, it can only be... backyard cricket!
  • Fantastic Aussie Fauna

    Who loves Australian animals? Cuddly koalas, furry kangaroos, and laughing kookaburras are all unique to this wide, brown land. In this story, each animal tells the reader why they are so special.
  • My Queensland

    Ah, Queensland! The people, places to visit, and lifestyle on offer in this state are second to none. That's why this story is all about wonderful Queensland; the only place for me!
  • The Bully

    Ethan is bullied by the school bully, Billy.¬† Ethan won't let his mother tell his teacher so Ethan has to stand up to Billy and face his fears.    
  • The Planets

    Two students study the planets for a test. The rings of Saturn; the red color of Mars, and the heat of Venus are all explained as the children journey through our galaxy.
  • The Tooth Fairy

    A young girl loses a tooth and decides to stay awake all night to see the Tooth Fairy, but what happens when the fairy tries to take the tooth? Read the story and see.