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  • A Day Out at Phillip Island

    A boy goes to Phillip Island with his parents. He visits the Nobbies, Cowes beach, and the Penguin Parade and sees the koalas, seals, and little penguins that call the island home.
  • Mr Nobody’s Here

    Mr Nobody is a pest who never cleans up after himself. He makes a big mess wherever he lives. This is a story about what a family does to get rid of Mr Nobody from their home.
  • Opposites Attract

    The differences in others teach us more about ourselves. In this story, children learn why we should accept others. Wouldn't the world be a happier place?
  • Someone Left the Gate Open at the Zoo!

    Someone left the gate open at the zoo and all the animals leave. What do they get up to? Well, read the story and see... Someone left the gate open, was it you?
  • The Skier

    Skiing looks easy until you try it!  You fall, you slide and hurtle down the mountainside, often on your backside! A man tried to ski, after saying, "How hard can it be?" And this is what happened...
  • The Wetlands

    A wetland is filled to make way for a park and housing estate, but when it rains and everything floods, the people realize what wetlands are for and why they should keep them.