Derek Garton

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  • A Day Out at Phillip Island

    A boy goes to Phillip Island with his parents. He visits the Nobbies, Cowes beach, and the Penguin Parade and sees the koalas, seals, and little penguins that call the island home.
  • Fantastic Aussie Fauna

    Who loves Australian animals? Cuddly koalas, furry kangaroos, and laughing kookaburras are all unique to this wide, brown land. In this story, each animal tells the reader why they are so special.
  • My Queensland

    Ah, Queensland! The people, places to visit, and lifestyle on offer in this state are second to none. That's why this story is all about wonderful Queensland; the only place for me!
  • The Bicycle

    A boy gets a bicycle for Christmas and soon discovers that learning to ride it isn't as easy as he thought it would be.
  • The Easter Egg Hunt

    A child believes the Easter Bunny is leaving eggs behind on an Easter egg hunt and tries to catch him.
  • The Wetlands

    A wetland is filled to make way for a park and housing estate, but when it rains and everything floods, the people realize what wetlands are for and why they should keep them.