Beautifully illustrated children’s stories are the best kindle kids books

Provide a fun and educational solution to screen time for kids.

Store the ebooks on your Kindle device or download them for use on your phone, computer, iPad or tablet so that you will always have something for your children to read and enjoy, wherever they are.




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  • Someone Left the Gate Open at the Zoo!

    Someone left the gate open at the zoo and all the animals leave. What do they get up to? Well, read the story and see... Someone left the gate open, was it you?
  • The Bully

    Ethan is bullied by the school bully, Billy.  Ethan won't let his mother tell his teacher so Ethan has to stand up to Billy and face his fears.    
  • Patchy Scratchy

    Patchy Scratchy is a big black cat who gets pink and itchy skin if he touches wool. Other cats tease Patchy about his allergy until he saves a kitten from a flooded drain.  
  • My Teacher Is a Witch

    A boy returns to school at the start of a new year and meets his tall and lovely teacher. Since she can get him to do anything, the boy thinks she must be a witch.


CHILDREN’S EBOOKS are beautifully presented kids Kindle books that are written so that children can follow every story at their own pace. These classic children’s books will be loved by all.

Each section of text is presented on a single page with an accompanying illustration to help feed your child’s imagination and love of reading.

Our free children’s ebooks preview pages enable you to view how much text is on each page so that you can gauge the type and level of text that is suitable for your child or children to read. Each CHILDREN’S EBOOK has also been graded into different reading levels to help as well. There are kindergarten ebooks through to books for 12-year-olds. All these classic children’s books can then be purchased for download.

The free children’s ebooks previews also show examples of images that appear in each book too. Spend time reading the free children’s preview pages today.