My Teacher Is a Witch

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My Teacher Is a Witch

Storyline of our book:

A young boy hates school and dreads returning there after the summer break, but when he arrives at his classroom, he is pleasantly surprised. A tall and lovely teacher greets the class. Since his friends, Toby, Mitch, and Jack are so well-behaved, he thinks she must know some powerful magic. He too can somehow do everything she asks of him. He is left to think that his teacher is a witch because… with a smile, a wink, and twitch, she can get him doing anything from maths to running stitch!


WRITTEN BY: Anne Garton     ILLUSTRATED BY: Anne Garton\

Pages in the PDF ebook you purchase: 13


This book is written for a developing level. If you’re child can recognise simple words and sound out more difficult words, this is the perfect reading level.



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