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  • My Teacher Is a Witch

    A boy returns to school at the start of a new year and meets his tall and lovely teacher. Since she can get him to do anything, the boy thinks she must be a witch.
  • Patchy Scratchy

    Patchy Scratchy is a big black cat who gets pink and itchy skin if he touches wool. Other cats tease Patchy about his allergy until he saves a kitten from a flooded drain.  
  • The Bicycle

    A boy gets a bicycle for Christmas and soon discovers that learning to ride it isn't as easy as he thought it would be.
  • The Easter Egg Hunt

    A child believes the Easter Bunny is leaving eggs behind on an Easter egg hunt and tries to catch him.
  • The Footballer

    Kevin tries out for his local football team and doesn't get selected. His efforts to make his favourite football team are what this story is all about.